Meta Game Universal Casino Game Creation Platform

The British company, Meta Games Universal, recently launched a platform where providers have the ability to create their own casino games. Currently, the software is in the trial stage but is already the talk of the industry. CargoF permits providers to create different games within their platform without any type of programming knowledge.

CargoF utilizes a user-friendly interface with various tools, similar to website creation software. The toolset and interface can be downloaded directly from the company’s website. The primary advantages include:

  • Lower costs
  • Product differentiation
  • Development time reduced

One of the biggest benefits of this software is the lower costs. By easily creating games within the company, outside contractors do not need to be hired. Another benefit is having a huge advantage over the competition. With a vast game differentiation, the casino will be able to provide games which their competitors do not have. Finally, the development time of new games will be reduced because of the easy-to-use interface.

Historically, creating and developing new games has been a slow, daunting and expensive task. With so many of the same games available, the factors involved in creating new options aren’t worth the overall cost. This software will decrease these factors and even allow for casino-specific branding of new games.

The graphical user interface within the CargoF software allows for complete customization with options to change the look and feel of the newly created game. Due to this customization, the casinos that utilize this software will not have games with a copied feel to them. The executables and coding are automatically generated providing a high level of guaranteed quality as well as streamlining the overall development process.

As more casinos are established it is difficult to differentiate games, platforms, and other aspects. Online gaming sites need to attract new customers by offering a product that the competition doesn’t have. CargoF is the answer. Creative new interactive games in a customizable environment are the future of online gaming.

Once the CargoF software has completed testing and is released, casinos will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on this software. This will change the face of internet gaming by giving the customer betting games they’ve never seen. Accompanying these new games will be rich graphics and crisp audio. Over the next few years, consumers will be able to play some of their favorite games in an interactive betting environment.

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